Operation Market Garden                                   


Day 1

Crossing to either Zeebrugge or Leopoldsburg from the prearranged location in the UK.



Day 2

We will begin the tour by taking the A16/A58 to Best and visit the Wings Of Liberation Museum. Then onto Lommel, Belgium, to visit the largest Second World War German cemetery in Europe and the start of XXX Corp Club Route, Hells Highway also beginning the Bridge visits with Valkenswaard, Eindhoven, Son and Veghel Bridges.

Lommel German Cemetery                                   Son Bridge


OVERNIGHT STAY -  Wolfswinkel/Veghal


Day 3

Depart Veghel head on XXX Corp Club Route again heading towards the Grave Bridge where the US 82nd Airborne learned of their 4th and final combat drop. Their objective was to capture this bridge and Nijmegan bridge.

Travelling onto Nijmegan Bridge and the Ginkel Heath Drop Zones. Ginkel Heath was drop zone Y and was furthest from Arnhem bridge where the 1st Airborne Division landed on 17th September 1944.

Finishing the day with a visit to Arnhem "John Frost" Bridge. This was the final objective where very fierce and bloody fighting in this area was very costly. We will also see the St Elizabeth hospital which has a commemorative marker post at the front.

Grave Bridge                                                  St Elizabeth Hospital




Day 4

Starting the day with a visit to Heelsum, which was part of the route the Paras took and where the 6 pounder anti-tank gun shown below was used in defence against the German armour.

Moving onto the Oosterbeek Cemetery. Some 7,000 men were lost from the 1st Airborne Division. Just over 1,700 men are buried here.

From the Oosterbeek Cemetery we will travel to the Hartsenstein Hotel Airborne Museum, this was the headquarters of the Arnhem Division.

The Soesterburg National Museum will be vsiited if time permits.

Heelsum Memorial                                         Hartsenstein Hotel


Arrive at Rotterdam Port by 1930hrs

Rotterdam Ferry depart 2100hrs for overnight crossing back to Hull, UK.




Day 5

Arrive Hull 0900hrs


Arrive in UK free running for home.



**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Operation Overlord - Normandy



Day 1

Travel down to Portsmouth


Day 2

Meet at Portsmouth Ferry Port Arrive 0700hrs

Sail 0800hrs to Cherbourg, France, Arrive Cherbourg 1230hrs.

Travel to Quineville, briefing on the beach landings.

Moving onto Utah Beach and along causeway number 2.

Finishing the day at St Mere Eglise and a visit to the 82nd and 101st Airborne museum.

Utah Beach                                                     St Mere Eglise


OVERNIGHT STAY - Hotel St Mere Eglise.


Day 3

Follow the coast road to Pointe Du Hoc where Colonel Rudder and the 2nd Ranger Battalion assaulted the cliffs to destroy the guns. Continuing onto Omaha Beach, "Bloody Omaha" where 2,000 Americans were killed on the first day taking in the excellent museum. Then onto Colleville US Cemetery with 9,387 graves and 3 Medal of Honor winners.

In the afternoon we will visit the Port En Bessin Tank Recovery museum where many years later D-Day landing equipments were recovered from the sea.

The day will be rounded off by a visit to the Longues Sur Mer Gun Battery, where the 4 100mm German guns are still in place.

Omaha Beach                                               Colleville Cemetery


Day 4

Start the day by walking through the beautiful historic city of Bayeux and visiting the Bayeux British Military Cemetery and only VC winner.

In the afternoon we will travel towards the British Landing Gold Beach at Arromanche where the Mulberry harbour was erected for the landing of essential supplies and visit the 360 Cinema.

Moving onto Juno, the Canadian landing beach and discuss the French commandos landing.

Rounding the day off with a visit to Sword British Landing Beach and the Grand Bunker if time permits.

Bayeux Cemetery 65th Anniversary

OVERNIGHT STAY - Ouistreham.

Day 5

Starting the final day with a visit to Pegasus Bridge where the three Horsa gliders landed at 0015hrs on 6 June 1944 and museum. Moving onto Ranville Drop Zone and Cemetery visiting the first allied casualty grave of Lt Brotheridge.

Pegasus Bridge                                             Pegasus Bridge 65th Anniversary


Visit Merville Gun Battery and discuss the assault lead by Col Ottway and his parachute regiment before heading back to Ouistreham to the Ferry Port.


Ferry to Portsmouth 1600hrs


ARRIVE UK approx 2115hrs, free running for home.


**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Battle of the Bulge                                                 


Day 1

Arrive Hull Ferry at 1730hrs meeting in the Ferry Terminal car park for sailing at 1900hrs.


OVERNIGHT ON THE FERRY - briefing and discussion of the battle with supporting maps and handouts.


Day 2

Arrive Zeebrugge Port approx 0830hrs.

Take N31 and then E40 to Liege on the N63 to Henri Chapelle American Cemetery

On to Verviers to discuss the Battle Plans.




Day 3

Depart Verviers A27 To Francorchamps turning N622 to La Gleize - Museum and King Tiger Tank and discuss the advance of KampfGruppen Piper and the allies defence in this area.

Moving onto Stavelot and the attempted capture of the American fuel dump and then travelling on to Malmedy.

Museum at La Gleize                                    Brief on the German Advance


OVERNIGHT STAY – Malmedy          


Day 4

Depart Malmedy on the N62 to Baugnez crossroads and visit the Observation Battalion memorial to those US soldiers massacred by the SS.

Moving onto St Vith on the N827 and visit the 168 Combat Engineers shell scrapes who held the line against the German advance.             

Leaving St Vith and heading to Houffalise on the N828 to see the Panther 5 tank.

Finishing the day with a visit to Foy to see the original E Coy 506 shell scrapes.

Leaving for Bastogne on the N30 for the overnight stay.

Baugnez Cross Roads                                   Memorial at Foy


OVERNIGHT STAY – Best Western Melba-Bastogne


Day 5

Finally round the trip off with a visit to Bastogne E Coy 506, Band of Brothers, and The Mardasson Memorial and Museum.

Travel to Calais for ferry crossing back to the UK.   


Arrive in UK free running for home

Second World War Tours