September 2019

Jane and Leo O'Reilly say

A week after returning from our Normandy landing beaches tour we would like to thank you so much for being such a wonderful guide. Your knowledge of the history of WW2 and D Day was so wide and you really brought the D Day landings to life for us as we stood on the beaches. We loved all the extra bits you added in plus the way you set the scene on the bus by showing The Longest Day. We have never been on an organized trip before and you have set a high standard for future guides if we go on similar trips in the future! We just want to say a big thank you. Our trip was truly memorable.  Good luck with all your future tours! 

June 2019

Ian Pirie says

Thank you so much for a fantastic tour, our  group of three couples were looked after perfectly with bookings of accommodation, crossings guiding and detailed military history. Dave’s knowledge is exceptional and he looked after us every step of the way. This brilliant tour also included the research package he did on my Wife’s Granddad who was awarded 2 MCs and a mention in dispatches. Dave took us to the very positions he was in WW1 and explained with maps and war diaries. It was emotional but also very gratifying and we will remember this for the rest of our lives.


Thank you so much for a well organised, informative, safe and value for money tour package, we will be back!

May 2019

Richie Napier says

Dave took us on a WW1 battlefield tour of the Somme and other significant features in the area. For us, the tour started even before we entered the Chunnel with a history lesson (and a curry and a pint) of the importance of Folkstone and the part it played as an embarkation port. Once we were off the train in the morning it was throttles open and straight to the first location.

To start, Dave gave us an excellent background brief on the 'why' and 'how' WW1 came about, to make sure we all understood not just the relevance of the locations we were about to visit but who the main players were, their allegiances and where they all sat on the battlefield map.

After visiting several key features of the Somme we 'schnurgled' North into Belgium and on route stopped at a Commonwealth War Grave where I had the opportunity to visit the grave of a relative and lay a poppy. Many thanks to Dave for this and the synopsis of my relative that Dave was able to provide from his collection of Battalion war diaries and National Archives.

I've been on several battlefield tours but this was my first on a motorbike and it was absolutely the best.  Dave's extensive, enthusiastic and detailed knowledge (from geopolitical all the way down to the man in the trench) mixed with the rural roads of France and Belgium on a bike, with an open face helmet, is a fantastic way to connect with the topography of the land.

Looking forward to booking again.

Sept 2018

Ray McIntyre says

I would like to sincerely thank you for your powerful leadership of the recent Band of Brothers GTI tour.

I enjoyed it tremendously and found it most educational.I did ask a lot of questions I have to admit however your patience and knowledge was exceptional indeed.You are a real professional.

One encounter which gave me genuine goosebumps was with that German bagpiper in Bois Jacques.

Many thanks again Dave and I look forward to being part of one of your tours in 2019

June 2018

Dr Alex Bianchi says

Overall, an excellent programme was put together for our little group. Dave met us on arrival late Friday afternoon after a long ride down from Calais and immediately directed us into the secure indoor parking facility. A nice touch was the provision of individual chair/tables close to each bike so that each rider could take off their heavy gear (e.g. helmets, overjackets, armour, boots etc) and store it all safely alongside.

We were welcomed by Dave and his wife, Anita, and shown to our accommodation with ensuite bathrooms. Then, after unpacking, a shower and change of clothing, welcomed with a cold drink or beverage of choice (e.g. nice cold beer) and a great dinner. Thereafter, an introduction to the history and logistics of WW1 and the significance of the Somme.

Next morning after a good night’s sleep and a full English breakfast, Dave provided a comprehensive review of the 2 day visit plans, more logistics, map briefings and also including a packed lunch.

What followed was two full days of riding during which we visited a plethora of original sites and fascinating historical locations. Some of the sites were fairly out of the way and not those covered by larger scale organised tours. With Dave, it’s more of a personal tour experience than a “group tour”. In other word, you see much more and get more detail.

Dave’s narrative, knowledge and energy brought the whole thing alive and gave an extra dimension to the experience. It was like being in a television documentary for a good part of the time. Being able to see places that are featured in all the old documentaries and some of the films was remarkable. And very sobering. It’s hard to see so many cemeteries so full of multiple thousands of young men (and some women) and not wonder about the immense loss and the sense of it all.

In all, an amazing location, excellent food and drink (courtesy of Anita) and a real chance to completely absorb the history of the region and the sense of time and place. We were a great little group with first rate riding companions and the dynamic was absolutely spot-on. So much so, it was a shame to say goodbye to them all on the last day.

As Dave would have said…”yes, you can come again !”.

May 2018

JJ Rowe says

Our weekend started with Dave meeting us at Calais and bringing the group down to his base at the Beaumont Hamel farm complex on the Somme battlefield, via a brief stop enabling an insight into the Agincourt battlefield and a packed lunch.

Then during the next two days we were given the gift of Dave’s wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm which amazingly seemed to bring the various events of the Somme campaign to life. He was able to deliver details of the acts of the vast numbers of troops involved as well as introduce you to the tales of many individuals who sadly made the ultimate sacrifice. Dave made the whole weekend an experience we will all remember for a long time.

The way the package was delivered was spot on considering the vast spectrum of the individuals and their previous experience of the events of WW1 and the military world. A great achievement considering the group consisted of a carpenter, a kitchen fitter, a former Army Warrant Officer, an Australian, etc. Dave was able to both educate and entertain each group member by pitching his subject delivery to every level.

It is true that an Army marches on it’s stomach and Anita, Dave’s wife, exceeded in this area. From the delicious full English cooked breakfast each morning to the grand feasts prepared for our return in the evenings (via a substantial packed lunch) we were well catered for. The rooms were spotlessly clean and, being a group of motorcyclists, we were extremely happy that our bikes were tucked up in the barn every night!

I believe I can speak for all the members of our group and I can say we had a great weekend. We were more than satisfied with the whole experience and would highly recommend one of Dave’s packages to anyone whether this is their first time or if they are a hardy veteran to tours on the battlefields.

A big thank you

July 2017

Richard Whiting says

After trying on several occasions to plan a tour for a small group with constantly changing diaries, our thanks goes to Anita for her flexibility in finally managing to accommodate us all.

Having previously stayed at a well-known guest house within the area, it was the first time we took the opportunity to have a Battle Field Tour. Beaumont Hamel View and Dave proved to be the genuine article. His enthusiasm was infectious and with a military background, you’ll receive a vast knowledge of the local area by a 1st World War subject matter expert.

The group took advantage of the 4x4 Landrover tour which is highly recommended and good value. Stand-by for a full day, starting with a brief at 08:30hrs and concluding at 16:00hrs which gives a true feel for the battlefields and the Somme area.

Already looking through the vast selection of motorcycle tours, in a hope we can get something booked up for next year.

The guided tour and accommodation certainly lived up to its 5 Star Trip Advisor rating.

24 June 2017

Andy and Sue Lovett say

This is related to the 'Simply Unique' review written by Gareth W (one of our friends) and has captured our opinion perfectly in his review.... Spot on Gareth! So I will try not to repeat anything but tell our story...

I had been communicating with Dave for around a year prior to our stay at Beaumont Hamel View guest house.

Originally my wife I had arranged to do the tour last summer but we had to cancel last minute due to problems on my side and postponed the tour to this year.

This was unfortunate at the time, but taking the positives this bought some time to arrange some research on past relatives who served in the Great War and prepared us a little for the tour.

So I provided Dave with the Service numbers of my relatives and for a fee and a few weeks later, he generated information packs detailing their movements, campaigns and detailed information about battles they fought including maps, census records, identity cards, illustrations etc.

All this helped me piece together the snippets of anecdotal information provided by surviving relatives. I can thoroughly recommend these packs, they are fascinating reads.

They are around 20+ pages of detailed info and in one of my packs even stated the position of where one of my relatives fell.

End of last year, a group of us friends (8 of us) got together and booked in with Dave.

It was fair to say that none of us really knew what to expect. I thought the three days would mainly be sight seeing with a few facts thrown in but we were all really blown away by Dave's extremely detailed encyclopedic knowledge of events on the battlefield and in the war and his passion in the subject.

Dave 'refined' the tour itinarary to include some battles and memorials relevant to my relatives and of intertest to the other group.

This was great for me (and the other members of the group found it interesting too) and Dave officiated a touching tribute to one of these relatives at the Pozieres Memorial which was totally unexpected but I am really grateful for.

For me one of the most thought provoking and emotional visits was to the site of the Battle of St Quentin Canal where my surviving relative fought all framed by a detailed description of the battle from Dave.

We visited many memorials large and small, craters (a mega crater 90 Meters diameter), battle sites, trenches, shot at dawn graves, tunnels under a church, a bunker, land marks etc all accompanied by Dave's detailed knowledge of events which brought each place to life and put you back into that time.

To summarise, brilliant, sometimes mind blowing with the amount of information but really couldn't wish for anything different and a real positive experience I will always remember. As Gareth said, you won't better this

To quote Gareth "Roger that!"... Haha Dave..

Many Thanks Dave and Anita

12 May 2017

Gareth Williams says

We recently stayed here with friends for a long weekend in May '17. A friend of ours was retracing his ancestors steps in the First World War.

The guest house accommodation was very clean and comfortable with a homely feel. Dave and Anita were perfect hosts and very accommodating. We started each day with a hearty breakfast, provided by Anita, which set us up nicely for the day ahead.

A packed lunch, provided by Anita, kept us going through the day and each evening we were served a lovely home cooked meal. Food portions were great. Anita is a great cook!

Dave, an ex military man, was our tour guide for the weekend and was incredibly knowledgable and keen to convey this knowledge to us all. His passion for the subject was second to none.

His interest also extends to a passion for WW1 memorabilia and artefacts which Dave used to further explain what life was like living and fighting on the Somme. Few people can say that they've enjoyed a nice glass of wine with friends whilst passing around a variety of machine guns and rifles..!

Being an ex Sergeant Major he was able to give us an insight to military life like no other.

By the end of the weekend we were all saying "roger that..!" :o)

Dave and Anita went to great lengths to make sure we were happy with the tour and were keen to accommodate our needs.

If you're after a detailed tour and experience of the Somme Battlefield I can't think of anyone who could better this. We all came away from the weekend knowing a great deal more than when we arrived and felt we'd had a weekend like no other. Thank you Dave & Anita.

May 2017

Ailie Hardman says

This property is right on the battlefield site of the Great War, with amazing views. I was not sure what to expecting from the tour, and history is not really my specialty. I have to say I've learnt a lot, about what the soldiers faced in battle and the dangers they were put through, back in the day.

The information was plentiful and very well told. The itinerary of our tour was tailored to suit the group and was expertly tweaked to accomade our individual interests, during our three day stay

The couple who own and run the guest house are lovely and looked after our group of 8 really well. Home cooked food, locally sourced. We will definitely go back, there is so much to see and do.

21 April 2017

Steve Lundy says

This place is amazing. Dave and his lovely wife Anita made us feel so welcome, that I felt like family. In fact now, we are family. Dave has a massive knowledge of the Battles, skirmishes, trenches, both allied and Axis, tunnels and more. Nothing is read from a book, he knows the History. The best part, Dave is retired British Army of over 30 years, so he understands the lay of the ground, the troop movements and Regiments. In other words, he not only can talk the talk, he can and has walked the walk. That's the kind of tour guide I want, and we got it!!! Not some text book wanna be. Daves the real thing, with the passion of the History to go with it. But as an added bonus, he has the personality to go with it. Like he says, "Like a Ninja".

If you or your friends are wondering about a tour, Give them a call. You will not be disappointed.

Now Anita has played a huge part in this as well. She made us a superb breakfast every day, lunch on the road and a home cooked meal every night. The rooms are immaculate, the house is kept spotless and she has a wonderful personality and made us feel so welcome. They are a great team, and I am glad to call them family. Can't wait to go back.

18 Apr 2017

Gordon Brown says

Excellent!! Dave and Anita are terrific hosts, they make you feel like old friends and look after you better than expected. Dave is a wealth of information on WW1 and keeps you on your toes by quizzing you every now and then. Should the opportunity arise, I will be back. Its a shame there are only 5 stars available as Beaumont Hamel View rates at least 7!! Thanks Dave and Anita for a terrific but short stay.

8th April 2017

Rita wager says 

I thoroughly recommend a stay with Dave and Anita to anyone who has an interest in WW1. Dave's knowledge is absolutely amazing and he has a fantastic way of explaining everything. Not enough words to describe my visit, although very emotional, I am just so pleased I went and to stay with Dave and Anita was an added bonus.

Thank you both for everything.

6th April 2017

Steve and Denise Whittaker say

A very highly recommended guest house and battlefield tour guide.

Set in the heart of the Somme, Beaumont Hamel View feeds the individuals thirst for knowledge about the Great War. This trip was to join our friend and follow in her grandfathers footsteps.

The hosts, Dave and Anita, greet all guests like friends and by the time you depart, you are friends.

This comfortable, clean and friendly guest house provides a solid base for battlefield hunters.

Dave's knowledge knows no limit when bringing the battlefield to life, with his mini museum of equipment etc found on the battlefield, preserved to show the future generations.

As Dave frequently said, he is speaking for the soldiers and telling the stories.

No day on the battlefield could start or end without the delicious and fulfilling meals prepared and served by Anita. Oh and not forgetting the selection of wine available to accompany the evening meal.

Thank you both for making this journey so emotional and complete

30th November 2016

Andy and Diane Birch say

We cannot rate BHVenough, the accommodation is excellent, the food is lovely, the company is outstanding,

Daves knowledge of the area is truly amazing.

My wife and I have been here three times and will be visiting next year as well.

Nothing is too much trouble for Dave and Anita and always make us feel welcome.

Visiting the Somme is an experience not to be missed.

29th August 2016

Alan Hackett says

I stayed with Dave and Anita for a Biker Battlefield Tour. What an experience, from welcome to departure ! The location is unsurpassed, based literally a short stroll from the British Front Line during the Somme offensive of July-November 2017. To appreciate it you would need to go. Anita discharging hostess keeping you supplied with home cooked breakfasts and evening meals, and sends you out for day with a packed lunch. Dave has knowledge, passion and a deep sensitivity with respect for what he calls 'our boy's, and filled our days with interest and a thirst to know more as we travelled to battle sites,cemeteries and much more. It is compelling stuff ! If you have an interest in First World War, like riding motorcycles,stunning scenery and amazing value for money, don't wait to check it out, just book.

11th July 2016

Bill Harding says

Dave met the seven of us in the morning at our previous nights hotel,we then went into the start of our tour Dave`s knowledge seems inexhaustible,then at the end of the day he escorted us to his home right in the middle of the somme battlefield, where we were made to feel very welcome, and a barn to park our bikes safely,shown to our rooms that were very comfortable, then down for a deliscious meal cooked by Anita, a few drinks then retiring for the next day,I personally had a request to visit Bronfay Farm cemetery and this again was no trouble for Dave, Dave and Anita are very accommodating and although it was an emotional rollercoaster just being on the Somme I wouldn't have missed it for the world, and value for money,you bet!!

26th June 2016

Joanne and Cliff say

From the moment we arrived until the time we left, we were made welcome, comfortable and completely full of both knowledge and good food. Spotlessly clean, peaceful location and a fantastic shower at the end of a tiring day. With full breakfasts, expert daytime instruction and a great evening meal and company, we can't recommend Beaumont Hamel View, Anita or Dave highly enough. Everything we needed was fitted in (including extra toilet stops!) and we really feel we got our money's worth! Definately worth a return visit (or two!).

26th June 2016

Andy and Diane Birch say

This is the second time we have visited Dave and Anita, for a biker tour of the Somme, and they didnt disappoint.

The food and accommodation was excellent, the weather was not!!!! but due to Dave's Landrover we had an excellent Somme safari on the Saturday, out on the bikes on sunday, both days were informative and awe inspiring, thanks to Dave and Anita, this definately wont be our last tour.

We will see you again in the future....

18th May 2016

Stuart and Laraine Ryder say

Anita's meals were excellent. David and Anita did everything to make us welcome and comfortable. David is very knowledgeable and passionate about "giving the lads a voice". I.e. Making their story known. He was able to bring history to life by sharing many personal stories of individual soldiers. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

16th May 2016

Denis Askew says

Dave & Anita hosted our party reunion of 8 friends from the Territorial Army in May 2016. The accommodation and food were great, and the house is situated in a very central location on The Somme, perfect for walking tours.

The USP of stopping here is however Dave's knowledge and enthusiasm of his subject matter. I would wholeheartedly recommend the experience, and if it doesn't make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when he blows his whistle on the battlefield, I am not sure what will.

26th April 2016

Eryl and Yvonne Williams say

Dave planned a bespoke tour of the Engelbelmer - Ginchy area of the Somme battlefield of August 1918, based on the service of Eryl's father, a soldier of the 15th Battalion, Welsh Regiment. His research was thorough, and we were greatly impressed by his knowledge and presentation throughout. Nothing was too much trouble for him, and we really cannot imagine that anyone would be able to give us a better experience. He took us to key locations, giving much detailed information and background at each place. Without causing confusion, he also highlighted significant events at and around those locations during the 1916 battle as well. He also briefed us in detail before going out on the tour, and spent time on the subject during the evenings. We had his 100% attention at all times.

Dave's knowledge and commitment are astounding - and infectious. Our whole experience was a blend of revelation, instruction, emotion and fun.

The printed summary of Pt Williams's progress, from his call up and arrival at the front, to the Armistice in Belgium, is something to value and share with the family.

Hospitality at Beaumont Hamel View was excellent. The accommodation provided a high standard, affording much comfort and great food. Anita is a fine hostess and cook, and very keen to provide for individual needs.

5th March 2016

Matt Spruce says

Dave Platt is a fantastic military historian who can cater for all levels. He delivered an exceptional 4 days of history, visits, memorials, knowledge and hospitality. He brings the battlefield to life with intricate details about the soldiers and officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, this is stuff you can't just read in books, but information that comes from having a passion. The enthusiasm and attention to detail was of military precision and it made the visit a great success. If you are with a family or indeed as a group, Dave can deliver a bespoke package for you and your group. The B&B is ran by his wife Anita, the rooms are well decorated and very clean all with en suite, the breakfast was fantastic and really fuelled the group up for the day.

If you want to walk in the footsteps of your for fathers, or live the Battle Action of a Unit, or even if you want to go "scratching" for memorabilia and militaria that has been buried and unseen for over 100 yrs, give Dave a bell.

14th September 2015

Fraser Pake says

We used Dave and Anita's guest house and battlefield tour company to deliver a 2-day WW1 package with a special focus on engineering and tunnelling, as we are military engineers and civilian engineering lecturers. The location of the guest house is second to none! On arrival we were introduced to the front line which can be viewed directly from the garden! Immediately we were taken back in time through Dave's enthusiasm and huge knowledge of the Great War and his ability to grip us continued throughout the 2-days. The hospitality shown by Dave and Anita was fantastic and the food provided was top class. We were very fortunate that Dave had booked an evening meal at a local restaurant which gave us an opportunity to relax and reflect on the days experience. I have been fortunate to be on several battlefield studies but the level of information presented and how it impacted me professionally and emotionally made this the best experience to date. Will definitely use them again!

30th August 2015

Daren Bell says

As soon as we arrived we were made extremely welcome, the bike are parked in the barn under cover, the rooms and facilities are first class. The breakfast is now legendary.

It was great to learn as much as we all did, Dave is a good teacher and extremely passionate about the history but more importantly really understands the details of the battles which gave the experience an added dimension.

Dave knowledge first class, Anita’s cooking amazing – the whole package excellent!

1st July 2015

Matt Orford says

Really enjoyed the tour that Dave arranged for us around the Somme battlefields, to say that Dave is an expert would be something of an understatement a fanatic would be closer to the truth, however his obvious passion for the military and WW1 and his enthusiastic delivery of the details makes it a very interesting tour and so much more than just having land marks of interest pointed out to you, if you have an idea of visiting the WW1 battlefields I would highly recommend using Dave as it is a great experiance and you will get a hell of a lot more out of it than you will on your own or with just about any other tour guide, plus he's a biker so what's not to like!

In terms of the accommodation it really is 5* the place is spotless, the bathroom facilities are excellent as are the bedrooms, Anita is a wonderful host and an excellent cook, from a B&B perspective it really is excellent value, you couldn't ask for more.

All in all then a great trip and I would be more than happy to return for more, highly recommended.

14th June 2015

Tony Munn says

First class guest house Dave and Anita were first class hosts. The food was superb and the accommodation good with constant hot water in the ensuite. If you want to know about the First World War down to every detail this is the only place to stay as Dave has an encyclopaedic mind on the subject as is willing to share that with you.

13th June 2015

John Stockham says

Stayed at Beaumont Hamel View for three nights this week with seven fellow cyclists. Our first experience was a warm welcome by Dave, who showed us where to store our bikes and then introduced us to his wife, Anita, who gave us an equally warm and friendly welcome. We felt "at home" immediately.

The rooms were spotlessly clean, well equipped and there was constant hot water for the showers at all times of the day. Towels were changed daily and both Anita and Dave made us most welcome throughout our stay. Anita's cooking is first-rate, food plentiful and varied - and the "full English" breakfast is just right before setting off for the day.

We had booked a whole day cycling tour of the battlefields, cemeteries and places of interest with Dave, which certainly didn't disappoint! A most interesting and informative tour, humbling at times when we got "up close" to what our troops and their allies went through in World War One. Dave is an absolute expert on all things relating to WW1. An experience that I, for one, will never forget.

We were looked after brilliantly by Dave and Anita - and I thoroughly recommend Beaumont Hamel View, which is ideally located and easy to reach from the UK.

19 July 2015

Chris Mercer says

Dave was an excellent host and tour guide for our family of 5 (2 adults and 3 children, ages 10, 12, and 13) during our one day tour with him to visit Newfoundland and Canadian war sites. He was extremely accommodating, listening carefully to our feedback and adjusting the tour during the day frequently to make sure we visited the sights most important to us and giving us time to explore. Even before we arrived, Dave was flexible and helpful, with prompt emails and advice on scheduling and train travel, and he was helpful and accommodating when we needed to change our original booking date. He picked us up at the train station, and delivered us back again at the end of the tour. Dave was a consummate professional and has an incredible knowledge of WW1 history. Because Beaumont Hamel was of specific interest, he tailored our visit to take in more of the locations associated with this part of the battle of the Somme, frequently reviewed our daily plan to make adjustments as requested, and shared facts, stories and details that were emotional, highly interesting and engaging. Our children thoroughly enjoyed Dave, and he was very warm, engaging and respectful of them, listening to them carefully, answering their questions, checking in on how the day was going (especially when they were overcome with emotion, which occurred several times), and engaging each one individually by asking them questions about their own knowledge and getting them involved in activities. We had a great meal at Dave and Anita's house, and the kids got to handle WW1 weapons and uniform kit, as well as see incredible WW1 memorabilia. Dave was open to all of our requests, and complimentary to the kids on their behaviour, respectfulness and knowledge, as well as their interest in WW1 history. We will definitely go on another tour again with Dave, and are considering an extended 2 or 3 day tour and staying at his B and B. Our family agrees that Dave`s tour was a highlight of a 3 week vacation in England and France. From my perspective as a person who has an interest in WW1 history, Dave is a highly qualified expert in this field, and a great teacher and story teller who can make the tour locations and events come alive. Our family laughed and cried on this tour, and were touched by Dave`s generosity, willingness to share his passion and knowledge on WW1, and his professional but also engaging and warm personality.  He put all the events in larger context and answered questions that were only tangentially related to the sights with great insight. We would highly and unhesitatingly recommend Dave for a WW1 battlefield tour.

12 June 2015

Jay Budgeon says

We did a Somme Battlefield tour on motorbikes with Dave. It was an amazing and emotional experience. The accommodation was fantastic and we ate and drank like kings. Would highly recommend Dave and Anita to anyone that is interested on having a Battlefield Tour. Thanks again guys, see you next year. Jay.

26 May 2015

Andy Birch says

We did a three day bike trip to the Somme, with Dave, it was absolutely fabulous, it had everything that we wanted on a guided tour, the weather was brilliant with lots of sunshine, and the biking roads were interesting to travel on through loads of quaint French villages.

Dave has a certain way of giving out the information which is not only informative but with an interesting slant..

His knowledge is second to none, and he puts a lot of effort into telling you the various stories to make them interesting.

His wife Anita is also an excellent chef and looked after all the guests wonderfully, with plenty to eat and drink in the evening after a long eventful tour.

All in all my wife and I had a marvellous time and would do it all again.

27 April 2015

Angie Gibson says

Stayed with Dave and Anita 11 April – 14 April 2015, booked a WW1 Biker Battlefield Tour for 3 couples on 3 bikes.

Weather was fabulous for our trip but Dave has plenty drying and storage space in if we had needed it.

Dave put together a great tour on wonderful quiet sweeping country roads. The surfaces are generally much better than the UK. You can see the road ahead for miles in some places allowing you to choose you own lines, a real treat for riders more used to high hedged British roads. So some excellent progressive riding was achieved by all.

History bit – a good mix of battlefield visits, teamed with visits to cemeteries and memorials where Dave took us to individual graves and told us the stories surrounding the person commemorated. We covered all angles from young soldiers Shot at Dawn, capable and incapable Generals, Allied troops and German troops. The evenings, after fabulous dinners cooked by Anita, Dave would take us through his wide range of memorabilia, maps and stories over a good few glasses of wine and beer. Tired but happy we retired to bed by 10.30 most nights ready for a hearty breakfast and fresh start the next morning.

Main points for Bikers

• Secure bike parking and drying/storage area

• Well lead rides on some great, virtually traffic free roads.

• Short walk from bike to each site visited

• Back at base beer and wine readily available at supermarket prices

• Great home cooked food – really nice to settle down each evening without having to get kitted up and ride out for food.

• Good balance of battlefield visits vs cemetery/memorial stops

• Custom made tour – Dave got the balance just right, plenty of techy stuff for the guys and human interest for the ladies. If only our school history teachers were this good!

Angie, Lance, Debbie, Simon, Jane & Mike – we’ll be back!

6 August 2014

Adrian Rigby says

Many thanks for putting John and me up. It was a very informative trip and both you and Anita were great hosts. Dave you are a world of information on WW1, and I learnt loads about life on the front line. The bike rides were also excellent along with Anita's cooking.

Looking forward to coming over next year, hopefully on a Rocket 111.

Cheers for a great time.Adrian

8 April  2014

Roy Broad says

Finding Biker Battlefield Tours and Beaumont Hamel View was a WIN-WIN for our group of 8 riders from Shropshire. The combination of Dave's expert knowledge and extensive battlefield guiding experience coupled with Anita's fabulous cooking and their beautiful home, made our 3 night stay a perfect weekend escape to France. We can't recommend them more highly and hope to return before too long.

22 July 2013

PC says

Great hosts, great value, and a great night’s sleep! As a biker looking for a place to stop on the way back to Calais this was without doubt a superb choice. Anita's cooking and Dave's WW1 knowledge take some beating

25 June 2013

Robertson says

Thanks for great stay. 10/10 B&B with good food and great rooms, Dave and Anita were excellent hosts. Dave was very informative with all aspects of world war 1 battle fields and Anita made the best cooked breakfast on our motorcycle trip. The bikes were secured and under cover for our peace of mind. This was our last stop on a great trip. Would thoroughly recommend Beaumont Hamel View Guest House and would like to stay again

15 January 2013

Mike C says

My Introduction to Dave & Anita came at the start of a 5-day tour in May 2012 encompassing some of the key highlights of WW1 and WW2. From start to finish, Dave took away the pain of Logistics, planning a route, booking accommodation and finding regular 'Bikers' coffee stops along the way. All this happened seamlessly.

Dave's attention to detail and the depth of his military knowledge are just breath taking. This is all complemented further by the use of other media to tell the human and social aspects of the war. Dave skilfully knitted all elements together beautifully to form a view of these wars that I'd simply not contemplated before.

The B&B at Beaumont Hamel is warm and inviting, with Anita serving up delicious meals and Dave taking us through DVD's, artefacts and all manner of war associated history.

Once a relationship is built with Dave, it's one that will last a lifetime and I know I will visit again in the future. My next trip will take advantage of the 4x4 tours Dave now runs, which get really close to the action. Whether on your own, or with a group, or family I would recommend David Platt to all

14 November 2012

Joe G says

I've just returned from a three night stop over at Dave and Anita's guest house.

I rate the whole visit very highly whether you are visiting on a WW1 theme or touring the area.

Very friendly and flexible hosts who provide lovely meals and warm and very comfortable accommodation. Showers fantastique !

Dave is a very knowledgeable guy and passionate about WW1 history which he is very keen to bring to life from the text books.

I particularly enjoyed the cross country Landrover tour Dave did over the Somme battle field and I now have a much better understanding of this big subject as does my daughter... If you are visiting on a motorcycle bikes are stored under cover which is great when loading up.

There is also great off road car parking here. If you are visiting the Somme..Stay here !!

25 September 2012

CJ says

I stayed at BHVGH last week with three friends as part of a motorcycle tour of the WW1 battlefields. We stayed at the guest house for three nights on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis. On two of the days Dave provided guide services – one day on motorcycles and the second day in his Land Rover (so also appeals to non bikers).

The guest house is an excellent base for exploring the area regardless of whether you take advantage of Daves excellent guiding services. The house is very clean and the four bedrooms are virtually identical, modern and each has en-suite facilities. All rooms have twin beds. The guest house is located in the heart of an area rich in WW1 history. The food was both excellent in quality and quantity and the evening meal made great sense financially. Beer and wine was plentiful and very reasonably priced. The location is very quiet and a good night’s sleep was had by all. Plenty of safe parking for cars and locked parking for bikes and motorbikes.

Now onto Daves guide services. Simply first class. His passion for the topic is only matched by his very deep knowledge of all matters military. He has stripes on his arm and has served his country for many years – he knows what hes talking about. We were all taken by the effort he put into planning and executing the two days for us. There is not a hint of going through the motions here. He will go on for as long as you are happy to listen and participate – he likes nothing more than to debate a point. Never too pushy and mindful of his guests’ stamina he did a fantastic job.

As a final comment I would highly recommend Dave and Anita because they genuinely care about giving their guests a good time. The guest house is of sufficient quality that it can stand alone in its own right. If you are an independent traveller not looking for guiding but if you do stay there and take advantage of Daves skills you are in for a real treat. Passionate biker and passionate military historian.

24 September 2012

Richard H says

Part of a small group of motorcyclists visiting The Somme area for the first time, I found the hospitality provided by Dave and Anita first rate; the rooms were recently refurbished and very comfortable. Generous breakfasts, plentiful beverages and optional dinner made for an enjoyable stay.

Our guided motorcycle tour and walking tour of the area by Dave was informative with the pre briefings, demonstrations of equipment, the topography and AV insights helped make the most of our short break

12 September 2012

Nigel B says

I booked the accommodation, for group of motorcyclists, with a view to looking at the Somme and doing some riding around the region. I did not expect to be having a refreshing drink in the garden, overlooking the Somme itself. I was so impressed, I got up early to capture the sunrise on m camera. The place itself is a GEM of a find, immaculate.....The rooms are very well decorated, very cozy, a home from home, with the owners, being the perfects hosts. We opted for the evening meal, which is extra, but well worth it.

Would I recommend the bed and breakfast? - YES